Jalovilla Vuona

(Väri: Ruoste)

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Jalovilla Vuona - completely Finnish, hand-dyed single ply wool yarn of Finnish native breeds

Skein approx. 50g, 205 m

100% Finnish wool

The yarns are dyed by hand in small batches of 1-10 skeins in a small dyehouse in Rajamäki, Nurmijärvi with reactive dyes. Most of the yarns are unique one-time dyes, so reserve enough yarn. Also take into account that your order may contain several dyeing batches due to small batches.
The dyeing methods are organized ecologically, thinking about all work steps as rationally as possible and sparing nature.

Please note that the threads have been processed as little as possible so that the good natural properties of the wool do not suffer, thus the threads have not been superwashed or mothproofed. The threads may contain litter pieces (hay, straw), lanolin and knots. The yarns are washed with a mild biodegradable wool detergent after dyeing. Please wash the product by hand at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Reactive dye may come off in the first washes, especially red color is sensitive to this for some reason.

Jalovilla is a completely domestic wool yarn processed with love. Its roots lie strongly in Finnish sheep farming, from where it is processed into a valuable craft material for consumers.

Did you know that the native Finnish sheep breeds are Suomenlammas, Kainuunharmas and Åland sheep, of which the last two mentioned are endangered and the third is also threatened by too much cross-breeding. Finnish sheep breeds have excellent wool, which we are proud to breed and cherish.


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Väri Ruoste

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