Suomi Single fingering


Rva Silmusolmu's hand-dyed, Finnish single-ply fingering weight wool yarn.

Lovely, soft 100% Finnish wool yarn that is made in Finland, from the wool of Finnish sheep. The semi-worsted yarn is perfect for thin sweaters, jackets, scarves and headwear.
The wool blend of the yarn contains 70% wool from Finnish sheep and 30% other Finnish wool.
There are 185 meters in a skein of 50g (100m/370m).

Needle recommendation 3-3.5mm, approx. 20-22 s = 10cm
Gentle hand wash

Product variations
Vaaleanharmaa VH
Color: Vaaleanharmaa VH
12.50 €
Figaro VH
Color: Figaro VH
12.50 €
Rusko VH
Color: Rusko VH
12.50 €
Viini VH
Color: Viini VH
12.50 €
Malva VH
Color: Malva VH
12.50 €
Pinkki VH
Color: Pinkki VH
12.50 €
Keisarinna VH
Color: Keisarinna VH
12.50 €
Laventeli VH
Color: Laventeli VH
12.50 €
Ametisti VH
Color: Ametisti VH
12.50 €
Musteensininen VH
Color: Musteensininen VH
12.50 €
Antiikki VH
Color: Antiikki VH
12.50 €
Kurkuma VH
Color: Kurkuma VH
12.50 €
Sinivihreä VH
Color: Sinivihreä VH
12.50 €
Hiili VH
Color: Hiili VH
12.50 €
Savusauna VH
Color: Savusauna VH
12.50 €

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