LØVETAND is a linen yarn, made of 100% organic linen fibers. The yarn consists of a thin thread, knitted to a fine tube. The tube makes the linen fiber appear softer, than if it were just a single thread.

LØVETAND is suitable for summer knitwear, for example tops, tees, dresses, and skirts. If you crochet LØVETAND, it is very suitable for beach bags, purses, and other accessories, that require a firm structure. Linen is cooling on a warm summer day.

Linen consists of the stem of the flax flower, which makes the yarn robust and durable. Therefore, linen can also feel a bit stiff, when knitted or crocheted, but linen becomes softer in use.

The colour palette of LØVETAND consist of dusty, classic, and finely harmonized colours, which makes it possible to combine the colours with each other.
The flax fiber used in LØVETAND comes from Belgium, and the yarn itself is produced in Italy specially for my company CaMaRose. The yarn is dyed according to the REACH regulations. 

Product info:

* Materials: 100% organic linen fibers.

* Recommended gauge: 21-22 sts x 31-31 rows per 10 x 10 cm on a 3.5-4 mm needle.

* Recommended needles and hooks: 3.5-4 mm.

* Weight / length: 50 grams = 140 meters.

* It is recommended to wash the finished work gently on 30oC, using a detergent suitable for linen. You may NOT use regular detergents to wash LØVETAND, as this contains bleaches and solvents, that will ruin the fibers of the linen.

Product variations
404 norsunluu
Løvetand: 404 norsunluu
8.90 €
402 luonnonpellava
Løvetand: 402 luonnonpellava
8.90 €
430 hopeanharmaa
Løvetand: 430 hopeanharmaa
8.90 €
412 hempeä puuteri
Løvetand: 412 hempeä puuteri
8.90 €
414 punertava puuteri
Løvetand: 414 punertava puuteri
8.90 €
416 konjakki
Løvetand: 416 konjakki
8.90 €
420 tähkä
Løvetand: 420 tähkä
8.90 €
418 mahonki
Løvetand: 418 mahonki
8.90 €
422 poltettu oranssi
Løvetand: 422 poltettu oranssi
8.90 €
426 merenvihreä
Løvetand: 426 merenvihreä
8.90 €
428 siniharmaa
Løvetand: 428 siniharmaa
8.90 €
432 yönsininen
Løvetand: 432 yönsininen
8.90 €

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