Zind double pointed needle sets


Zing double pointed needle sets come in two different length options for a variety of projects. Sized by colour, the Zing double point needles are manufactured in superior grade lightweight aluminium that provides a smooth glide for all yarns. The points are flawlessly tapered and ideal for all yarns and every project. 

Each set of 5 (per size) double pointed knitting needles are securely stored and packaged in a pretty pink fabric case. 


15cm (6''): The Zing double pointed needle set contains 5 sets of superior grade aluminum double point needles in the popular 15cm (6”) length. Clearly seen sizes are laser printed on each needle and the flawlessly tapered tips are ideal for knitting any and all yarns.  

20cm (8''): The Zing 20cm (8”) needles are available in 6 sets of superior grade aluminum double pointed needles. The laser printed size on each needle allows easy identification. The tapered tips are ideal for knitting all yarns in the round.

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